Blemish Dots , 4 Sheets of 12 Dots

Blemish Dots , 4 Sheets of 12 Dots

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Gelplástrar sem hreinsa misfellur og bólur, minnka roða og óþægindi. Plástrarnir eru alveg glærir og eru því mjög fyrirferðalitlir.

Blemish Dots flood skin with a continuous flow of advanced blemish-fighting ingredients for fast and effective breakout relief within hours. Formulated to rapidly shrink blemishes and soothe irritation, while absorbing excess oil and curbing the spread of acne-causing bacteria, these innovative see-through stickers contain a potent blend of natural antibacterials, (including salicylic acid and tea tree oil), calming anti-inflammatories, and detoxifying actives. An entirely new type of spot-treatment, each single-use patch adheres to skin–and stays-put– to deliver continuous pore-purifying benefits. Ideal for overnight use. Wear one, or more, patches to bed, and wake up to clear skin in the morning.

Blemish Dots with Salicylic Acid

4 Sheets of 12 dots each (48 dots)