Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

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Beauty Bar is a very special product, 100% of the profit will be donated to the Alzheimer Foundation.

Beauty Bar is handmade from A to Z according to artisanal method in a small workshop in Greece from, among other things, olive oil from our own garden.

Beauty Bar's unique blend - made with 7 nourishing oils, almond milk, shea butters and liquid silk - that creates a rich, foamy lather to restore moisture as it cleanses. Whether used on body, hands or face, the skin becomes super soft and smells like a tropical beach paradise. The citrus scent is of course from citrus fruits.

Liquid silk has been added to create a silky soft and luxurious feel on the skin. Liquid silk provides a protective barrier, helping to reduce dryness and flaky skin.  

Delicate enough to use daily on all skin types.